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MotionMagix is an interactive play technology for kids that can be projected on any free floor or wall surface. It transforms any room into a virtual playground, providing endless hours of fun and learning for children of all ages.

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How it works

MotionMagix uses advanced touch and motion sensing technology to detect and respond to children's movements, allowing them to interact with digital games and activities in a natural and intuitive way. With a wide variety of games and activities available, it encourages children to be active, creative, and engaged.

From Education to Entertainment

MotionMagix is a great tool for educators, clinics and entertainment centers to promote learning, physical activity, and imagination in children. It revolutionizes the learning experience by turning classrooms into interactive and engaging spaces. With its immersive content and interactive simulations, young minds can grasp complex concepts with ease, fostering a deeper understanding of the basics. Whether in amusement parks, interactive exhibits or classrooms, MotionMagix offers unparalleled levels of fun and excitement by bringing in a touch of magic, and captivating audiences of all ages. Its versatility and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for educators and entertainment providers seeking to create memorable and enriching experiences for their audiences.

  • From Education to Entertainment

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